Contact Lenses

What Are Disposable Contact Lenses?

Disposable contact lenses are designed to be discarded and replaced per your Eye Doctor’s recommendation. Depending on your specific eye health needs, Dr. Brown will instruct you to discard your contact lenses at the appropriate time. This time may vary from every day to every 12 weeks.

Why do I need to discard my lenses on a frequent, regular basis?

Less is best for eye health! The more frequently you replace your contact lenses, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes can be. Substances like protein, calcium, and lipids — found naturally in your tears — can build up on your lenses. Over time, these natural deposits may cause your contacts to feel less comfortable and make you more prone to eye infections.

What are the Different Types of Disposable Lenses?

Today there is quite a selection of disposable contacts!
Do you want to change your eye color?

If you have ever thought about changing your eye color, either subtlety or dramatically, then colored contact lenses may be for you. Even if you do not need any visual correction, you may be able to wear lenses to change your eye color. Please visit & to find what lens color is right for you!!

What’s the latest on contact lenses for astigmatism?

Have you ever been told that you can not wear contact lenses because you have astigmatism? With today’s technology, contact lenses for astigmatism are the best they have ever been. Dynamic advances in lens design and materials have made clear crisp vision along with great comfort possible for astigmatic patients. These innovative solutions were not available as little as three years ago. ACUVUE OASYS for ASTIGMATISM is the most recent technology introduction.

Do you want to free yourself of reading glasses?

How many times have we forgotten to take our reading glasses to the store? Or to a restaurant? Or to work? Now you may be able to banish your reading glasses once and for all. We carry contact lenses for the multifocal and monovision patient. These contacts provide distance and near vision at the same time. There are different lens designs available depending on your lifestyle needs.


What if I prefer or am unable to wear contact lenses that are not disposable?

We can help you! Gas permeable (GP) contact lenses or oxygen permeable lenses, are today’s most state-of-the-art “hard” contact lenses. But they shouldn’t be confused with the hard contact lenses of yesteryear. GPs can also provide better visual acuity, durability, and deposit resistance than soft contact lenses. They can be easier to clean, and since they’re long-lasting, they can be less expensive in the long term than soft lenses.

GPs provide excellent vision especially for people who don’t obtain acceptable vision with soft lenses. This includes people who have astigmatism for whom soft contacts don’t produce the desired visual acuity.

GP bifocals and multifocals are a popular option because they come in many designs. Different bifocal designs work well for different people, so having many choices is a real plus. Also, many people find that the best combination of near and distance acuity is obtained with GP bifocals.

GPs are used for distorted corneas due to conditions such as keratoconus and trauma.

Special designed GP devices are used to gently re-shape to corneal at night and correct your vision during the day without contact lenses or glasses.

Do you want hassle-free contact lenses?

Then Daily Disposable contact lenses may be the right choice for you! These lenses are designed to be removed & discarded every night. And every morning, you will insert a new fresh lens. Many eye care professionals and contact lens wearers feel that this option offers the best of both worlds. It’s convenient because there is no lens cleaning at all and it’s healthy because there is no day-to-day lens deposit buildup.

These lenses are great for part time wear. They can be used on the weekends for sporting activities such as bike riding, beach going, or going out to dinner.