Seven Good Reasons Why We Should Be Responsible For Your Next Pair of Glasses

We understand that all glasses are not created equal! This is why we strive to provide you the clearest vision possible while looking your very best. In doing so, we utilize the very latest technologically advanced products available. Our goal is for you to enjoy wearing your glasses long after purchase.

Collage of Logos of the Frame Brands We Carry

We value you as our patient! Our promise to you is to consistently provide the highest quality eyewear at our fairest price. We offer quality glasses starting at just $199.00. Your comfort and satisfaction are our primary focus.

Our highly skilled and caring staff of trained professionals are committed to giving you personalized care to suit your lifestyle needs.  This includes individualized attention from frame selection to explanations of lens options.  We will do all we can to ensure your satisfaction with your glasses.

Woman Adjusting Her Glasses

We offer a large selection of the most-up to-date frames including an extensive selection of designer eye wear featuring Gucci, Maui Jim, Lacoste, Rag & Bone, Tiffany, kate Spade, Tory Burch, Nike, Oakley, Dragon, Dolce & Gabanna, and John Varvatos. We also offer sturdy yet cool looking children/tween frames featuring X-games, Disney, Nike, Fossil, Banana Republic, and Juicy Couture.

To ensure that your eyewear is as comfortable and stylish as possible, we specialize in selecting exceptional frame materials that reduce the total weight of your glasses. Not only are our stainless steel and titanium frames sleek and lightweight, they are the most durable frames available in the industry.

Do you have allergies to metal? We can help! We carry an exclusive selection of nickel-free, allergy-free titanium and plastic frames just for you!

Our experienced staff specializes in helping you select the frame shape, size, material and color that look the best on you and suits your lifestyle needs.

There are many new lens designs and lens treatments which can make your glasses look thinner, feel lighter, and glare-free.  We will gladly demonstrate and explain all the latest developments for your new prescription glasses.

Computer Lenses – featuring The Office Lens by Shamir

  • The most advance lens design for computer viewing. Especially designed for:
    • People exhibiting signs of eye strain, headaches, neck pain and/or fatigue while using their computer
    • People currently wearing progressive lenses or reading glasses for the computer
  • Imagine being able to see your computer screen without tilting your head
  • Imagine seeing documents clearly
  • Imagine a wider viewing area than standard progressive addition lenses
  • Imagine reduced reflections from your computer screen and overhead lighting

If you would like more information on these exceptional glasses, please schedule an exam today!

Progressive Addition Lenses –featuring Varilux, the industry’s best   PAL

  • Varilux has the best optical quality and the widest distance and near reading area in all PAL’s
  • The lens gradually changes as you look from distance to near
  • A more natural vision compared to the old line bifocals
  • No visible bifocal line!

Only you and your eye doctor will know that you wear bifocals!

Anti-Reflective Lenses- featuring Crizal ScotchGuard, the industry’s best no-glare lens

  • Reduce glare and reflections from headlights, taillights, & street lights to improve night vision
  • Provides unbeatable two-sided (front and back of lens) scratch resistance
  • Reduces eyestrain and fatigue

Transition Lenses

  • Lenses darken either grey or brown when exposed to UV light and lighten indoors
  • Provides 100% UV protection
  • Provides comfort and convenience


  • Made for people with high prescriptions that are heavy and thick
  • Glasses will be thinner, lighter and much more comfortable to wear compared to standard plastic lenses.

We guarantee all workmanship for one year. 

If you choose to purchase your eye wear elsewhere, please bring them in and we will verify, free of charge, that they meet our high quality prescription standards.

To accommodate your busy schedule, we are open five days a week including Monday and Wednesday evening.