Welcome to Baymeadows Vision Center

We Offer the Most Advanced Technology Available in Eyecare

Dr. Monica Brown

The mission of Dr. Brown and the staff at Baymeadows Vision Center in Jacksonville is to provide each and every patient a lifetime of healthy vision through superior comprehensive eye care thereby enhancing their quality of life. To do this we will:


  • Offer the most advanced technology available in eye care
  • Obtain continuing education, training and certification to remain at the forefront of our profession
  • Offer the finest eyewear products available
  • Create an atmosphere of uncompromised service and personalized care

The vision needs and health of our patients will always be our first priority. Everything we do and say shall communicate this.

Recent News

Living better through scleral lenses

After 16 years of wearing contact lenses, Jorge is finally living life like he wants. Gone are the red, dry eyes; sensitivity to light and poor vision that kept him from driving at night. After less than a year of wearing scleral contact lenses he lives a normal life....

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New eye care center treats the otherwise untreatable

Baymeadows Vision Center has launched the North Florida Corneal Rehabilitation Center to help patients with distorted corneas find alternatives to invasive surgical procedures. North Florida Corneal Rehabilitation Center is the region’s only facility dedicated to...

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Driven to improvement

As a service director at a large automobile dealership, Greg knows the importance of optimal equipment in maintaining road safety. Diagnosed with keratoconus in his left eye two years ago, Greg’s vision deteriorated to the point that he could see only through his...

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