Europa Scleral®

The Europa Scleral® is a 2nd generation Jupiter Scleral lens that has been uniquely designed so that it is able to successfully fit a wide variety of corneal and scleral geometries while improving fit and comfort. The three main enhancements are:

  • Larger Optic Zone: Increases the lens overall sagittal depth which enhances corneal clearance.
  • Mid-peripheral reverse curve: Allows it to successfully fit both prolate and oblate corneas with a single lens fitting set.
  • Enhanced haptic profile: To significantly reduce compression and lens tightening.

The Europa Scleral® lens is a true scleral lens that was designed to deliver an optimized fit, comfort, and vision for successfully managing patients with a wide range of irregular corneal conditions and ocular surface disease.

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Jupiter Scleral™

The Jupiter Scleral™ lens is available in two main designs – a 15mm diameter (mini-scleral) and an 18mm diameter. Both Jupiter Scleral series lenses have 5 curves configured into 3 zones:

  • The Corneal Zone, comprised of the central corneal curve and the ASPHERIC peripheral corneal curve.
  • The Limbal Zone, comprised of an ASPHERIC scleral curve.
  • The Scleral Zone, comprised of an ASPHERIC scleral curve and the ASPHERIC edge curve.

Both Jupiter Scleral lenses are made in 3 configurations to address the needs of various corneal geometries simply by varying the posterior design:

  • The Jupiter Standard design is recommended for most cases of corneal irregularity, where the central corneal curve has the same apical radius as the peripheral corneal curve.
  • The Jupiter Advanced Keratoconic design has the central curve relatively steeper than the peripheral corneal curve.
  • The Jupiter Reverse Geometry design has the central curve relatively flatter than the peripheral corneal curve.


  • Fitting of irregular corneas with conditions such as advanced keratoconus, trauma, or post-surgical deformities consequent to a graft, RK, PRK, and LASIK.
  • In conditions where the cornea and/or sclera are extremely dry and need protection from direct exposure.
  • When soft lenses cannot provide good vision and alternative GP designs will not center or cause intolerable bearing forces on the central cornea.